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Honoring International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month


Today as a global society we celebrate women and the incredible contributions women have made in every part of our world.  On this, International Women’s Day, and throughout this month where we honor Women’s History, we as a company recognize the invaluable role that women play in our world, our country, our organization; and in advancing the missions of ACT I and our customers.

Our everyday lives have been shaped by the presence and indelible contributions of women.  In every walk of life, and in every part of our business, women are a driving force behind our success.  From our Engineers and Analysts to our Program Managers and Corporate teams, and our 2020 Employee of the Year, women make ACT I in ACTION a reality.

We know the value and voices of women have long been largely under-recognized and under-appreciated in society.

Fortunately, through technology, film, writing, and movements across the globe, women like Rosa Parks, Katherine Johnson, Marie Curie, Malala Yousafzai, and Jane Goodall are able to be known and celebrated for their accomplishments.

Our work remains unfinished.  There is more we can do to speak up and break down barriers; we must all champion the advancement of women, in our world and our work.  At ACT I, we are proud to be a part of that ACTION moving forward.