Mission & Core Values


mission & core values

ACT I’s role as an industry leader in Total Acquisition Management Solutions is guided by a Mission, Core Values, and Code of Business Ethics that commit the company and its workforce to excellence and integrity. 


ACT I takes ACTION for our partners and our workforce every day, delivering mission-critical solutions and industry-leading talent to advance the missions of the partners, organizations, and communities we serve.


Integrity   Innovation   ACTION


ACT I is committed to the highest degree of integrity and honesty. We have always been dedicated to the delivery of quality products and services which contribute to national security. We believe high ethical standards and inclusion are essential to our mission.

We also believe in fostering a climate that encourages exemplary behavior and includes a comprehensive approach beyond often-punitive legal compliance stances. Organizational ethics means more than just avoiding illegal or improper practices.

ACT I pursues an integrity-based approach to ethics management that combines adherence to the law with an emphasis on managerial and personal responsibility for ethical behavior. ACT I will continue building an environment that reflects our values, supports ethically sound behavior, and instills a sense of shared inclusion and accountability among our employees.