Financial Management

Financial Management

Our experts played a crucial role in assisting the F-35 Joint Program Office team in identifying issues that supported a DCMA review for cause on a prime contractor’s EVM system. Our subsequent oversight of the corrective action plans provided keen insight to the DCMA center of excellence and resulted in the U.S. Government increasing the payment withhold, which provided the impetus for the contractor to correct several outstanding deficiencies. ACT I supported the JPO and prime contractor in getting its EVM system re-certified.

We combine a deep knowledge of regulatory requirements with industry best practices to evaluate and build highly efficient programs—for domestic and international clients. Our experts assist with Life-Cycle/Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) cost analysis, modeling, budget formulation, and financial management for complex systems, programs, and operational scenarios. We provide our clients with the following:

  • Independent Cost Estimates and negotiation support for the U.S. government.
  • Cost As an Independent Variable (CAIV) cost and performance tradeoffs for requirements analysis and acquisition planning.
  • Analysis of alternatives, Life Cycle Cost, Total Cost of Ownership, and Should Cost analysis.
  • Cost and schedule reconciliations, contractor Earned Value Management (EVM) analysis, and verification and systems validation.
  • Cost modeling and process development, including model selection or development, maintenance, application, and cost data development.
  • Budgeting across strategic planning, formulation and estimates, compiling and tracking requirements, financial plans, budget documentation, monitoring funding thresholds, shortfall solutions, maintaining budget justifications and defenses (R and P Docs to Congress), and preparing SAR/DAES reports for Congress.
  • Financial Management (FM), analysis, validation, modeling, projections, allocation, financial database generation, reporting, and financial reconciliation.

some of the customers we serve

F-35 Joint Program Office Cost Analysis, EVM, and Financial Management (FM) Support Services

ACT I provides the U.S. government, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), and Security Cooperation Participant (SCP) customers with cost estimating, EVM, and FM support and services. Support disciplines include program management; cost estimating; EVM analysis; scheduling; and budget formulation, execution, and reconciliation.

Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA) Cost Estimating Modeling (CEM) Effort

ACT I supports research, analysis, design, and modernization efforts to make current cost data and estimating methods and tools on government templates for designated weapons systems. ACT I team members perform data collection, develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) for tasks, execute data collection and normalization, and perform analysis of data sources and data availability against the Aircraft/Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) weapon system commodity group.